Wiki Content is basically just everything on the wiki, all of the pages, blogs, forums, pictures, videos, music, articles, badges and everything else you see on the wiki. Most wiki content can be changed, but some is set so only people with certian rights can edit, or mess around with. Wiki content is being watched, so everything edited is seen by either administrators, or bureaucrats (they are the same things as admin's, but they can make others admin's where as admins can't). On that note, please do not wirte anything mean, or any opinions/questions on anything except on my wall, or the blog I made specifically for that, also if I find any cursing/swearing on this wiki, then I will either suspend you, or ban you from the wiki. Please try to be kind to others, and do only to them what you would want them to do to you. Please don't be rude, as some people can take things very personally. Thank you for obeying these rules, and for helping make this Wiki great.