Hey everyone! My wiki is not quite ready to go public yet, but some of you may have heard about it from my youtube post, or even just from clicking on my name and seeing I contribute to this page. But you can help me get this public faster by typing information as comments, editing it right into the page, or emailing it to me at  I thank you all so much for helping out, and I wanted to let you know that what you do is being noticed, so please do not write anything that could be hurtful, or rude. Please do not add things if you don't nessicarily like the show, and please, unless comenting on something good, or typing your opinions in this blog, please do not coment rude things directly on the pages, please bring them here. Anyways... I made this blog, for you to please put any comments, opinions about changes, and any ideas you have for the site as a comment below. Thanks again to everyone who helps out, and who makes this wiki more enjayoble for everyone else! Again thank you so so much, I can't say how much your help means to me, and I do notice the things you do for this wiki.