Hey Everyone!!! I just got this cute little idea: You, the comunity, get to vote for people you think should be an admininstrator! If you have seen someone helping out a lot, are very kind to others, and their edits are accurate, then you can vote for them to become an admin! I will veiw the list everyone, and record votes, the people with the most votes, THAT I FEEL ARE RIGHT FOR THE JOB, will become admins.

The Rules!!!!!

I know! Boo, Rules!

But everyone needs some, to keep everything in check. So, without further a do, the rules!

You may not vote for yourself(I can see your user information, so I know if you make 2 accounts), you may not vote for the same person more than once every other week(you need to wait 2 weeks to re-vote for the same person, so if today is Tuesday, then you cannot vote for that person next Tuesday, but the Tuesday after that.), you may vote for more than one person, but only once per day(you could vote for one person today, and another person tomorrow, but you have to wait 2 weeks to vote for them again, in other words, you may not vote for 2 people in one day), You must obey these rules, or you vote will not count!!

I hope you have fun, and I may add more rules, but any votes submitted before those rules are added will still count.