Terra Harris is also a mermaid, she is Blaire's mom. Not much is known about her, except that she was a mermaid, who left when Blaire was two. She left because being away from water was making her feel sick. She stayed in the water the rest of the time and never went to see Blaire or Blaire's father (her husband). Terra had Blaire after she became a mermaid, because of this Blaire had basically "inherited" mermaid powers, like she was able to breathe underwater. It is later found out that Terra is a siren (a type of mermaid who is able to "control" people and mermaids through an enchanted sounding song.), so she calls Blaire, through her siren song making Blaire leave her friends and her father to live in the ocean with her mom. Although the girls' try to get Blaire back, Terra's powers are stronger than their's, making Blaire stay with her mother in the ocean.

Her Life on LandEdit

Some stuff is known about her life on land, and is actually very important, there have even been full episodes about it. When Terra lived on land, she had a job as a scientist. Her job was mainly to do experiments... on herself. She tried to figure out why she was a mermaid, the good and bad about being one, how to become and un-become one, everything she possibly could. She filled note books, diaries, sketch books, verything she could, but every minuet she was on land, she started to feel worse and worse. She was getting very sick, because a mermaid should not be away from water as long as she was. Finally, on Blaire's 2nd birthday, she put her things away, wrote a letter saying how sorry she was that she had to do this, and swam away into the ocean, never to come back on land again.