Kelsey is the third mermaid on the show, she made her first appearence in Season 2, Whirl Pool. She finds
Kelsey Portrait
out about mermaids after trying to make sure Amy was okay when running from getting wet (Kelsey did not know Amy got wet, she just saw her run upstairs). Kelsey's friends are: Amy, Brenna and Blaire. Kelsey is very smart, and feels strongly about the importance of education. Because of this, she takes the most interest in Terra's research. She tends to get in many fights with Brenna, and ends up putting Amy in the middle. Many people believe that Brenna and Kelsey fight so often, because they are opposites (not just in personality, but along with their powers too, Fire and Ice are opposites, Ice can put out fire, anf fire can melt ice). She did not seem to like Brenna from the start, but it was later revealed that she felt Amy was starting to like Brenna more.