Blaire Protrait
Blaire is the first human to find out about the girls' secret (After all three girls were transformed). She saw them on halloween night, and when she went to go say Hi while they were in Amy's swimming pool, she saw their tails. Her mom, Terra, was a mermaid too, so she wasn't freaked out when she first saw the girls' in their mermaid form, although the girls were freaked out when they saw she was watching them swim. One day at Amy's house, Blaire reveals that she doesn't know how to swim, later in that episode, she falls in the pool while the girls are fighting, and nobody hears. She is found sitting on the bottom of the pool a few minuets later, saying she was fine. (Kelsey, "How can you be fine? You nearly drowned." Blaire, "Your gonna think I'm crazy." Kelsey, "Blaire, I'm a myth-o-logic-al creat-ure, I'm not gonna think your crazy!" Blaire, "It, it was like I was breathing underwater." Kelsey, "Ok, your right, I think your crazy." ... Scene changes over to Amy, *still in the pool after getting blaire out* remembering of the peice of paper saying 'Children may inherit some powers'. It was later found out that seeing as her mom was a mermaid, she was basically a mermaid witout the tail. She was able to breathe underwater, and even swim for days without getting out. She later left the girls, to live in the ocean with her mother Terra, getting the girls' into a lot of trouble.