Amy Samuels was the first mermaid. She first Appeared in Season 1 Episode 1, being the creator of the S
Amy portrait
eries. Through out the series, you have a chance to see her sister, Tess and her Mother, Her father has been mentioned, but never seen. Her best friends are: Brenna, Kelsey and Blaire. Brenna is the first of Amy's friends to be seen on the show, but it is mentioned the Kelsey and Amy are friends first. Blaire arrives in Season 3, and does more bad for the group than good... Most of the time. Amy's friends tend to get into a lot of fights, and she usually ends up in the middle of them. Her tail was originally pink, but the Blue Moon changed the color to Sky blue in Season 2, and her necklace matched. It was then changed again to a darker blue after drinking a potion the girl's made.